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Behind Enemy Lines, 49ers/Packers, Part I

NinersDigest's Craig Massei and PackerReport's Bill Huber go Behind Enemy Lines to take an inside look at the 49ers and Packers. How are the 49ers a different team than Week 1 in this playoff rematch? How much of a gamble is it going with Colin Kaepernick at QB? Was the bye week a good thing for the 49ers, and do they have an Achilles heel for the Packers to exploit? These Q&As and more inside.

Bill Huber, publisher, Never mind the quarterback for just a moment because we'll get to that next: How are the 49ers different than the team that came to Lambeau Field and whacked the Packers in Week 1? Craig Massei, publisher, They're a team that isn't quite as sure of itself after a sketchy final month of the season. The 49ers knew they were good entering...

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