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McCloughan's Departure Coming At Odd Time

Peyton Manning was not available

Sports, like most aspects of life, is all about timing. The NBA's San Antonio Spurs had the first pick in the 1997 draft (thanks to David Robinson being injured for most of the year) and they took Tim Duncan. The Los Angeles Clippers had it the next year and took Michael Olowokandi. Both teams took the consensus best player available. It was the timing that made one look smart and the other dumb.

So it was with the 49ers. The team that had fortune smile upon them so often during the 80's has seen the other side of the coin this decade. With a glaring need at quarterback (and just about everything else) and the number one pick of the 2005 draft, they were left to choose between Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. Some critics would liken it to the Indianapolis Colts choosing Ryan Leaf over... Recommended Stories

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