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Mooch on Monday

Mariucci thought 49ers played well "most of time"

"Every team is going to have a missed opportunity or two. It would have been nice to share the same record with Green Bay and Tampa, that's not the case. We're just a game away from it. We're getting to a point where we'd like to be right there. Stay there at the top. It's easier said than done. We're close. We're a game away from being the best record. So we just keep fighting. It's going to go down to the last few weeks, I'm sure."

  When you play a good team like San Diego, or anybody, there's always going to be a handful of plays that really determine the outcome. And obviously the one that we remember most is the last field goal that we attempted and didn't make it in overtime. I thought we played the overtime well. Our defense held them three-and-out, no yards, punt to us. We took over at the 24-yard line and moved on... Recommended Stories

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