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Smith one of many QBs taking it on the chin

Smith on a pace to be sacked 59 times this season

Sunday's game between the 49ers and Eagles will feature two starting QBs that already have sustained concussions in a season that's only three weeks old. Michael Vick also has suffered a hand injury, and Alex Smith is on a pace to be sacked 59 times this season. Despite QBs getting banged around at a record pace, the NFL has done little to protect the game's passers from a preponderance of hits.

Those recent remarks by Vick aside, the consensus feeling among non-quarterbacks around the league, and even some fans, is that the NFL has tried way too hard to insulate its most notable, high-profile and highest-paid performers by figuratively constructing a cocoon around the league's passers. But not even legislation, or the implicit directions to game officials to protect the game's most... Recommended Stories